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Work when, where and how you want to by sharing your passion for Reef Stone Naturals on all your social channels. Our Independent Distributor system means that the more you share, the more you sell and the more you earn.  The Reef Stone Naturals community is about people powering their own businesses!


Earn extra income

Earning extra income with Reef Stone Naturals is simple… Work wherever and whenever you want.  Reef Stone Naturals gives you the flexibility to master that work-life balance and have time for what matters most.  The power to earn is all in your hands!

Reef Stone Naturals also allows you to have Corporate customers as well!  Flat rate commissions are rewarded for maintaining a healthy relationship with your Corporate customers.

We'll be there with you, every step of the way!

With the help from Headquarters, we want to ensure your success!  Together we will work as a team to build a business you can be proud of!  

We offer training, business tools, marketing resources and more!  

We also want your personal feedback to help us improve our products and to create new products that your customers want to see!

Teamwork is the key to any Successful business!

Income Disclosure Statement

Reef Stone Naturals’ Independent Distributors earn between 15% and 35% discounts on their monthly sales. 

As with any business endeavour, an Independent Distributors’ success will be a direct result of the time and effort they devote to selling the product and maintaining customer relationships.

  • Can I customize a product?
    Yes! Absoultely you can customize a product! I want you to have the best experience with my products! When placing your order, add the desired information in the comments box. If I have any questions, I will contact you to make sure your order is processed properly. A small fee is charged for custom orders, depending on item.
  • How long do custom orders take?
    Custom orders require a little bit of extra time because of the nature of the order. Please allow 7-10 extra working days to allow for production.
  • Why are my wax melts a different color this time?
    Because I do small batch pours, the colors may vary from batch to batch. I do small batch pours to ensure you are receiving fresh products.
  • Why was the soy wax cracked in my wax melt package?
    Our Soy wax is pure and contains no parafin wax, so you will see some cracking in the wax melts themselves. This does not compromise the product in any way but what it does do for you, is makes it easier to remove from the package unlike products that are more pliable. Also, now you don't have to change your wax in your warmer when its melted. Because our Soy is more firm, its easier to remove when the wax cools in your warmer.
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